Road Safety

Completing road safety services for clients around the world.

Our expertise is far-reaching and touches on all areas including road safety engineering, road safety policy, management and education. 

Our services may range from the completion of a small road safety audit or extend to a full road safety technical assistance programme including in-country presence,  development and implementation of road safety services and strategies and the setting up of monitoring and evaluation of crash reduction targets.


  • Road safety audit at all stages including feasibility, preliminary and detailed design and pre-opening stages of project development.
  • Road safety training.
  • Road safety inspection.
  • Road safety engineering advice.
  • Road safety education and publicity programmes for road users.
  • Road safety strategies and action plans.
  • Crash database development and management, training and interpretation.
  • Development of road safety manuals.
  • Monitoring and evaluation.
  • Blackspot analysis.