Cities and Resilient Development

Providing technical assistance to governments, development and humanitarian agencies and NGOs in urban planning and development, resilient infrastructure and disaster risk management.

Cities and Resilient Development

Supporting and enabling local governments to develop sustainable and resilient urban environments.

IMC has a strong track record in sustainable and inclusive urban development. This ranges from low-income housing, participatory settlement planning, social infrastructure (schools, hospitals, etc.) and municipal services to smart city infrastructure development, low-carbon green growth and sustainable transportation. We aim to promote a virtuous circle of improvements by combining improved land use and efficient urban service delivery with strong involvement of stakeholders.


  • Pre-investment feasibility studies and design of urban infrastructure and municipal services
  • Economic assessment for inclusive and low-carbon growth strategies
  • Strategic planning and policy advice for sustainable urban development
  • Implementation of low-income housing and social infrastructure projects
  • Upgrade of informal settlements, in cooperation with communities and local authorities

Click here to view IMC’s Built Environment and Urban Planning capability statement.

Resilient Infrastructure

Strengthening the resilience of infrastructure and engineered systems to adapt to and withstand the impacts caused by climatic changes.

IMC has extensive experience in advising how infrastructure can be developed to improve its resilience to climatic shocks. We take a systemic approach linking climate science and risk assessment combined with economic assessment and stakeholder engagement.


  • Hazard mapping and risk assessment
  • Institutional, regulatory and strategy development
  • Investment prioritisation and business case development
  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Market analysis, technical and economic baseline assessments and modelling

Click here to view IMC’s Resilient Infrastructure capability statement.

Disaster Risk Management

Mainstreaming risk management into development planning to prepare for emergencies and mitigate impacts of disasters.

With climate increasing the incidence of disasters, there is a growing need for improved preparedness and risk reduction and sustainable recovery strategies that build back better. Since the reconstruction following the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, IMC has developed a full range of consultancy services for supporting our clients develop and effectively implement DRM programmes.


  • Rapid needs and vulnerability assessments
  • Reconstruction and strengthening resilience using appropriate construction technology
  • Community-based planning, monitoring and participatory decision-making
  • Project and programme design, planning, management, construction and supervision
  • Institutional development and capacity building for government agencies
  • Support to humanitarian relief agencies for longer-term recovery
  • Mainstreaming DRR into investment decisions
  • Geographic information systems (GIS) and data management

Click here to view IMC’s Disaster Risk Management capability statement.