IMC Worldwide Ltd. (IMC) is an international development consultancy with over 60 years of experience in delivering complex and high impact projects globally to make a positive impact on the world’s most disadvantaged populations. As part of the DT Global family, we have a solid global presence with corporate offices in Washington DC, Madrid, Adelaide, and London, and long- and short-term presence in 95 countries

IMC believes in building better futures together for all. We do this by building better economic futures, better places to live and better infrastructure. We also offer a range of services to support the wider development community to build better futures together.

We help countries compete within a globally connected economy and we help simplify and diversify trade across borders. We help develop cities and other places to provide opportunities for all people that live there, become resilient to climate change, and protect the environment.

We help build physical structures like roads, water treatment plants, cyclone shelters and schools. We also offer a range of services that help donors and international development organisations manage, improve and adapt their programmes so they achieve greater impact.

We work in a connected way too. We partner with communities, governments, aid organisations and the private sector to ensure our work is locally driven and sustainable. We put quality before profit, operate openly and adhere to the highest ethical standards – essential ingredients for productive partnerships and outcomes.

Our purpose

As a global international development organisation with a foundational commitment to profit for purpose, we work on behalf of our public and private sector stakeholders to consistently scale positive impacts. ​

We deliver sustainable solutions by leveraging our technical expertise, global networks, and commitment to data driven analysis.

Our values

Learning & Adaptation
Continuously documenting, reflecting, and operationalising best practices that address programmatic and professional challenges.

Diversity & Inclusion
Proactively ensuring equitable participation that reflects diverse perspectives at all levels.

Fostering a culture that values and rewards experimentation and risk taking beyond our comfort zone.

Recognising the inherent value and contributions of all, while building community around respect and understanding.

Technical Excellence
Delivering world class solutions by providing cutting-edge technical expertise and advancing thought leadership.