John White

Associate Director, Highways & Transportation

Over 40 years of experience in infrastructure development across the 5 major continents, with a particular knowledge of the design, implementation and maintenance of safe highway infrastructure.

John White has extensive knowledge and experience of the implementation of infrastructure projects across a broad range of fields and in a wide spectrum of countries.  His experience has been gained in both the EU, as well as in developing and under developed countries worldwide.  His main area of experience is in the implementation of highway projects from their inception through to their construction, and the audit of the completed works. 

In recent years he has specialized in road safety, carrying out projects such as the recent Road Safety Improvement project in Guyana, as well as a range of Road Safety Audits from the Caribbean through to China.  He has also provided road safety capacity building inputs in Kosovo, India and Georgia.  John has also carried out Technical Audits on behalf of the donors for completed project in such diverse countries as Yemen and Belize

John has also executed WASH, airport, power and maritime projects, and has particular expertise in development projects on small remote islands.

“I have worked for IMC for longer than any other employer. Why? Because of the many diverse and interesting projects that I have had the opportunity to work on, and the many countries and peoples that I have been able to visit.”


  • Chartered Engineer, UK
  • Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers, UK
  • B.Sc (Hons) Civil Engineering

Select projects

East Bank Demerara Road Improvement Project from Grove to Timehri, Guyana

Calshot Harbour & Breakwaters Phase 3 – Maintenance Contract & Water Engineering Support to Tristan da Cunha

Rural Access Program Phase II – Technical Audits, Yemen

Western Guangxi Roads Development Project (Longlin-Baise Expressway), China