James Reeves

Senior Technical Director, Economics and Finance

26 years’ experience as an infrastructure and transport economist, working in the UK and overseas. Experienced in strategy development, economic and financial appraisal, quantified risk analysis and institutional strengthening. A skilled leader of inter-disciplinary project teams.

James is a professional infrastructure and transport economist with 26 years’ experience. He has worked in more than 35 countries worldwide, including in eastern and southern Africa, south and south east Asia, the Pacific, Caribbean, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and the UK. He has worked on schemes in the transport, water, and urban development sectors. 

James is experienced in infrastructure investment strategy development, economic and financial appraisal and quantified risk analysis. He is also experienced in institutional development and capacity building, including the implementation of technical training programmes, development of change management plans, and the development of processes and guidelines. James is a skilled leader of inter-disciplinary project teams.

James leads IMC’s economics and finance team, providing technical direction to a range of projects with respect to infrastructure economics, public private partnerships, private sector development and development finance.

“Ensuring the most efficient use of scarce financial resources is a key role of the economist on any team. Being able to influence decision making, reflecting technical and economic analyses on priorities for investment in infrastructure is an important aspect of my role.”


  • MA Transport Economics, University of Leeds, 1989
  • BA Hons Industrial Economics, Coventry Polytechnic, 1988