Hulya Pasaogullari

Principal Consultant, Economics & Finance

Hulya has 20 years of experience managing infrastructure finance, debt management, and sovereign borrowing, as well as PPP specialist advice, project finance and capacity development.

Hulya was the Head of the Turkish Treasury PPP Unit between 2014 and 2018. She worked on PPP transactions, government guarantees, financial closure, and innovative financing instruments to promote private financing. She led the Treasury team for the economic and financial assessments of PPP feasibility studies, debt assumption commitments (total stock $15 bn.) and negotiations on finance documentation.

Hulya successfully financed several large scale PPP project firsts such as the third İstanbul Bridge, the Gebze-İzmir Motorway and the Çanakkale 1915 Bridge. She has worked in financial analysis, due diligence and transaction negotiation across many countries such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, China, Morocco, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Philippines, South Korea and Saudi Arabia.