Froeydis Gording

Senior Consultant, Inclusive Growth

A dedicated professional with over four years of experience, passionate about sustainable development that includes private sector actors and looks to innovating to achieve maximum sustainable development results.

Froeydis dedicates herself to ensure sustainability is achieved in development, which she believes happens when public and private sector work together for development impacts.

She is passionate about private companies realising the force they could be for assisting in the development agenda, and believes development results will truly be sustainable when there is a motive for keeping it going after aid departs, such as profits.

She is currently working as the Prize Manager on Dreampipe, an innovation prize focused on engaging new sources of finance into non-revenue water reduction.

In her time at IMC, Froeydis has been involved in a variety of work, from infrastructure economics to PPP research, working with private company clients on CSR projects, and innovation projects. 

She has experience of high-paced environments, handling multiple tasks, project planning, and project managing.  In the future, Froeydis will continue to focus on both innovation within development and corporate social responsibility, and how they sit together.

After decades of aid, the need to include the private sector in development has become clear. Only if we can think innovatively, and engage both public and private actors will be obtain sustainable development.


  • MSc Political Economics of Development, SOAS (2013)
  • BA Economics, Political Science, Trinity University, TX (2011)


Ideas to Impact, Dreampipe Prize Manager

New Zealand Aid Programme PPP Research Project, PPP Researcher/Expert

Livelihoods Toolkit for Private Client