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Meet our team

  • Valentine Wolfram

    Senior Consultant, Asia Regional Team

    A politically-aware professional, with public and private sectors' experience working in international affairs and development in Asia and Europe, and a focus on social development, gender and human rights.

  • Vidya Krishnamoorthy

    Consultant, International Resourcing

    Over 6 years' experience in Human Resources with a focus on resourcing for various industries.

  • Wessel van der Meulen

    Regional Assistant Manager, Africa & Caribbean

    Five years of international experience in consulting, research and business development with a particular interest in environment and development.

  • Wladyslaw (Wladek) Skorko

    Principal Consultant, Economics & Finance

    Over thirty years' experience in commercial and development financing gained across multiple regions and sectors.

  • Yasmine Bettine

    Regional Assistant, ECAMENA

    A recent International Relations graduate with over a year’s experience in international development and international politics.