Worldwide: Monitoring and evaluation of Energy 4 Impact’s Moving Energy Initiative

IMC Worldwide is providing monitoring and evaluation support to the eight workstreams of the Moving Energy Initiative (MEI), bringing knowledge across MEI partners and implementing organisations to share with the wider humanitarian, development and energy sectors.

Millions of displaced people have poor access to energy. Power management in camps as well as in other areas of displaced populations is often expensive, carbon-intensive and wasteful.

The Moving Energy Initiative (MEI) is anticipated to contribute towards improved access to sustainable energy for displaced people, for domestic and commercial purposes, and safe, reliable, secure and more efficient energy solutions for the administrative and public service facilities.

The DFID-funded project is designed to generate change in energy provision for refugees and displaced people on a global level and to promote a learning-by-doing approach through pilot projects in Jordan, Kenya and Burkina Faso.

These local activities focus on demonstrating new approaches, directed towards delivering practical improvements in sustainable energy access for refugees and host communities.

Throughout the 28-month programme, IMC has undertaken the following:

  • Developed a theory of change and logframe, along with nested logframes for each workstream to report monthly progress.
  • Produced a mid-term progress review.
  • Reviewed monitoring and evaluation (M&E) plans designed by the implementing partners.
  • M&E reporting.
  • Supported MEI in discussions with DFID regarding M&E of the project.
  • Five learning papers highlighting key challenges or successes encountered.
  • In-country field visits to┬áJordan, Kenya and Burkina Faso.
  • A gender-based violence study in Kakuma, Kenya.

Currently, IMC is producing the final evaluation for MEI.

Project Name

M&E support to Moving Energy Initiative

project status

May 2016 - September 2018


Energy 4 Impact

contact person

Katherine Liakos

Senior Consultant, Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning
last updated

August 24, 2018