Worldwide: developing a local disaster recovery framework guide

IMC Worldwide is developing a process-based guide for the World Bank's Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) to develop local level recovery frameworks to assist countries recover from various types of disasters.

The  Global  Facility  for  Disaster  Reduction  and  Recovery  (GFDRR),  with  the  United  Nations  and  the European Union, has developed a Disaster Recovery Framework Guidebook, to assist countries recover from various types of disasters.

As part of this initiative, IMC Worldwide is producing a process-based guide on how to develop local-level recovery frameworks.

The product will have two secondary outputs:

  • five field-based case studies that highlight past instances of civil society and local government involvement in post-disaster recovery programmes, documenting collective experiences of various civil society organisations and local governments that have participated in large-scale or smaller-scale recurrent recovery and reconstruction efforts.
  • a short annex detailing why and how national governments can engage local actors for recovery, to be included in the Guide to Developing National Disaster Recovery Frameworks launched in September 2014.

In addition to this, a dissemination strategy will be proposed to the client, based on the feedback from the local stakeholders in country.

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World Bank

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Rumana Kabir

Principal Consultant, Urban and Resilient Development
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May 22, 2018