Montserrat: Preparation of the country’s Physical Development Plan

Volcanic activity in the mid-1990s devastated Montserrat’s capital city, Plymouth, and much of the south of the island. IMC was commissioned to prepare a national Physical Development Plan (PDP) for 2012-2022, providing the government of Montserrat with a framework for land use development and infrastructure investment, essential for the long term sustainable development of the island.

The preparation of the PDP considered economic and social development and livelihoods objectives and also mainstreamed sustainable urban development, environmental and heritage protection, disaster risk reduction and potential climate change impacts. The PDP was based on a rigorous process of stakeholder consultation with government departments and services, the private sector, special interest groups and the general public.

Project Name

Preparation of the Montserrat Physical Development Plan


UK Department for International Development (DFID)

last updated

December 8, 2015