Niue: developing a new transport strategy that increases resilience to climate change

IMC Worldwide is helping the government of Niue to develop a new transport investment strategy. We are also assisting the government in preparing concept notes to apply to funding support from the Green Climate Fund.

Niue is the largest raised coral atoll in the world. It is a single island nation in the South Pacific Ocean with a land mass of 260 square kilometres and an EEZ of 390,000 square kilometres. Niue has a population of 1,611 habitants with 20,200 Niuean residing in New Zealand.

Niue’s economy is fragile and faces many constraints including limited land, poor soil, limited air service, a shortage of skilled professionals and entrepreneurs, and a declining population. Niue depends on imported fuel and food to supplement its subsistence agriculture and fishing.

The government of Niue recently adopted a new Strategic Development Plan, which alongside the 2016 Infrastructure Plan, sets the scene for management and development of the country’s infrastructure.  However, Niue has never had an integrated transport sector strategy.

Niue’s income from tourism has been growing, and the country aims to improve its air and maritime services as well as its road infrastructure.

IMC Worldwide has been appointed by the Pacific Region Infrastructure Facility, through the Asian Development Bank, to provide technical assistance to the government of Niue to review the country’s transport strategy and develop a roadmap for investments in the sector over the medium to long term.

IMC is complementing the New Zealand capacity building programme in the transport and ICT sectors and developing a new transport investment strategy for the country. 

IMC is also helping the government of Niue to prepare concept notes to apply for funding support from the Green Climate Fund.

The resulting strategy will focus on increasing resilience against natural disasters and climate change impacts by assessing the risks and proposing adaptation measures for existing infrastructure and identifying new infrastructure needed to improve resilience.

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Strategic Transport Advisory in Niue

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September 12, 2017