Worldwide: Innovation prizes for international development challenges (Ideas to Impact)

Solving the problems faced by the poorest through prize-driven innovation.

Ideas to Impact is designing and launching five innovation prizes to stimulate research and incentivise solutions that  will improve low-income communities’ resilience to climate change and access to affordable clean energy, safe drinking water and sanitation services.

The internet now provides unlimited opportunities for posting problems to wide audiences, dramatically increasing the rate of problem-solving, often from unexpected sources. This open innovation is gaining momentum worldwide in the public and private sectors.

Innovation prizes build on open innovation principles incentivising participation, generating a media buzz, and helping capture the imagination of communities.

Ideas to Impact is testing the potential of innovation prizes for spurring development outcomes and catalysing advances in environmental technologies for the benefit of the poorest.

  • £7.5 million total prize disbursement available
  • £35 million inward investment targeted through impact investing, crowdsourcing & other sources



Project Name

Ideas to Impact

project status

Ongoing, 2014-2019


UK Department for International Development (DFID)

contact person

Bryony Everett

Director Designate, Worldwide
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April 24, 2017