Expert Advisory Call-Down Services (EACDS) – Lot C: Promoting Global Prosperity

Expert Advisory Call-Down Services (EACDS) Framework – LOT C provides high-quality resources and technical expertise on issues relating to global prosperity.

Expert Advisory Call-Down Services (EACDS) Framework – LOT C: Promoting Global Prosperity provides the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and Official Development Assistance-receiving departments with access to quality-assured resources and technical expertise on issues relating to global prosperity, where internal resources are not available.

Our  aim is to help those on the front line of poverty reduction make effective decisions, while also informing the wider development community.

We can provide expertise across a range of services such as: the provision of support to inform the scoping and design of new projects and programmes; identification of evidence to inform policy thinking in strategic areas; and provision of niche technical expert inputs into existing projects.

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Who is involved?

IMC Worldwide and our global network of partner organisations and consultants have provided call-down and knowledge management services to DFID and other donor organisations for over 10 years.

Under these frameworks we have delivered assignments in the areas of infrastructure, livelihoods, private sector development, climate and environment and social and gender in developing countries worldwide.

Our consortium, made up of over 70 partners, includes some of the most respected names in international development and provides a powerful mix of regional and national expertise.

Access to this pool of international consulting firms, NGOS and research institutions, coupled with our close links to high-calibre independent consultants – including some of the world’s most-respected global development experts – will help us successfully complete any EACDS Lot C framework call-down assignment and ensure that the outputs are of the highest quality.

Rapid quality response

The IMC consortium will provide a rapid response from request to mobilisation in as little as two weeks.

We will propose a number of skilled experts, ready to respond to requests on topics ranging from Applied Economics; Trade and FDI; Private Sector Development Instruments and Approaches; to Inclusive Growth; Infrastructure for Economic Growth and Prosperity; and Agriculture.

Our quality procedures will guide the delivery of each call- down request received through EACDS, ensuring that the technical assistance we mobilise is of excellent quality, will deliver credible Value for Money and will achieve maximum impact.

We have drawn on our extensive framework experience to design our approach to the management of EACDS Lot C.

HMG Government Departments with access to EACDS services

Department for International Development
Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Home Office
Department of Health
Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy
Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs
Department for Culture Media and Sports
Welsh Government
Office for National Statistics
Ministry of Defence
HM Revenue and Customs
HM Treasury
Department for Education
Department for Work and Pensions
Department for Transport
Scottish Government

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Ongoing, October 2016 - September 2018


UK Department for International Development (DFID)

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Arielle Dove

Deputy Regional Manager, Frameworks
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August 16, 2018