Evidence and Learning Facility for South Sudan (ELFSS)

IMC is managing the Evidence and Learning Facility for South Sudan (ELFSS) for DFID South Sudan.

ELFSS is designing, supporting and delivering the monitoring, evaluation, research, analysis and knowledge management of the Humanitarian and Resilience Programme in South Sudan (HARISS). 

HARISS is a five-year (2015-2020) DFID-funded humanitarian and resilience building programme targeting the Greater Upper Nile (GUN) states. It aims to save lives, alleviate suffering of those populations affected by the country’s alarming humanitarian crisis, and support vulnerable people’s capacities to prepare, withstand and recover from conflict, natural disasters and disease outbreaks.

Supporting the HARISS programme, ELFSS is providing enhanced monitoring and evaluation to better measure the impact of interventions and of multi-year programming, and to make tangible progress in priority areas such as accountability to affected populations and value for money.

IMC is working in partnership with Forcier International, University College London, CommsConsult, Development Gateway and the University of Portsmouth.

Project Name

Evidence and Learning Facility for South Sudan (ELFSS)

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UK Department for International Development (DFID)

contact person

Natasha Butorac

Project Manager, South Sudan

last updated

January 9, 2019