Bangladesh: Linking the country through bridge infrastructure

The Government of Bangladesh is implementing a project that includes the construction of a multipurpose road-rail bridge across the Padma River.

The main bridge structure will comprise a four-lane highway and bridge-end facilities, including toll plazas, service areas and offices.  The infrastructure will also have provisions for the future installation of a broad gauge rail line as well as gas, power transmission and telecommunication lines.

The most challenging construction project in the history of Bangladesh, this bridge will be approximately 6.15km long and will connect Mawa to Janjira, linking the south-western region to the rest of the country in order to boost economic growth.

Among other services, IMC Worldwide is taking a proactive role in the strategic and day to day running of the works during the construction phase. We are also providing supervision services to efficiently and effectively manage the construction phase of the project and ensuring that it is implemented in an economical and efficient manner, consistent with internationally accepted standard and practices, achieving the objectives of the project with value for money.

As part of our attention to disaster risk reduction and given Bangladesh vulnerability to extreme weather such as floods, we are planning risk response and initiating pre-emptive mitigation measures as well as contingency planning.

Moreover, we are delivering “on-job” training to about 15 engineers/staff of the Bangladesh Bridge Authority and other related departments, in line with the priority we give to technology transfer.

Project Name

Construction Supervision Consulting for Padma Multi-Purpose Bridge Project

project status

Ongoing, 2014-2018


Government of Bangladesh

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Charlotte Brown

Senior Consultant, Inclusive Growth

Suraj Rana

Regional Director, Asia
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August 9, 2016