Applying frontier technologies to meet the biggest development challenges

A three-year programme designed to help the Department for International Development (DFID) apply frontier technologies to meet the biggest challenges in development.

Frontier Technology Livestreaming, which is part of the DFID-funded and IMC-implemented Ideas to Impact programme, is exploring how 3D printing, Internet of things, drones and other frontier technologies can positively impact development challenges like connectivity, health and education, humanitarian response and production.

The programme aims to allow DFID to pilot, test and refine frontier technology solutions live in our programmes and countries of operation, producing a stream of learning, insights and innovations.

This initiative, which is open to all DFID staff, expects to run three calls for submissions at 6 monthly intervals, with an aim to support 15 sub-projects that will be awarded:
• Up to £100k of funding to pilot new solutions
• Matchmaking of DFID staff and their challenges with innovators and entrepreneurs
• Support to work in new, agile ways from a Frontier Technology Hub.

Our approach and way of working has been created to reflect the way in which frontier technology businesses operate with an emphasis on: making early, testing and learning and sharing our work through storytelling throughout. This learning will be shared through a medium publication underneath the banner of Innovation DFID. It can be accessed here.

This work also hopes to contribute to DFID’s capacity to engage with innovative technologies, while building evidence of how these technologies can help address development challenges.

The funding available will be allocated primarily in response to opportunities and gaps identified through a call to DFID staff. However, we are inviting technology experts on the frontier to register as potential collaborators and suppliers to the programme as well as to propose project ideas which could be picked up by DFID staff. If you are a technology company and would like to be register your interest please head to the Frontier Technology Livestreaming page at the DFID Funding Finder.

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Frontier Technology Livestreaming

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UK Department for International Development (DFID)

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Bojan Bozovic

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July 20, 2018