IMC starts delivering assignment to promote trade and simplify border management

IMC and the UK Trade Policy Observatory have been selected by FCO to deliver the Strategic and Economic Case for Trade Facilitation and Border Management.

Tuesday 04 September 2018, Charlotte Watts

Last month IMC began the delivery of the Strategic and Economic Case for Trade Facilitation and Border Management project, which is financed through the Cross-Government Prosperity Fund. The £1.3 billion fund aims to reduce poverty and promote inclusive economic growth in FCO’s priority countries, including Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa and Turkey.

Within this project, which will last four months, IMC will provide economic research and advisory services and help the governments of target countries to improve trade regulation, protection of intellectual property and promotion of international standards.

Specifically, the strategic case will identify interventions to simplify, modernise and harmonise export and import processes, while the economic case will assess policy options and their potential impact and recommend the most effective interventions to address obstacles to trade.

The project sits under the Global Trade Programme (GTP), a £150 million, multi-year initiative which integrates trade and investment into the strategy for sustainable growth and poverty reduction. GTP will help countries identify and address non-tariff barriers to trade and increase capability to trade with the rest of the world, including the UK.

This focus on trade and investment within the Prosperity Fund reflects the increased acknowledgement of the role they play to achieve sustainable development. Delivering the Strategic and Economic Case for Trade Facilitation and Border Management project allows us to work closely with the FCO to create a trade strategy and build capacity across a portfolio of middle-income countries, many of which are new target areas for IMC.

Together, the strategic and economic case will help inform the design and development of trade facilitation and border management interventions in the countries targeted by the GTP and ultimately promote inclusive economic growth.

Cover photo by Erik Odiin on Unsplash.

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