Pioneering partnerships to foster women’s entrepreneurship in Nepal

21 September 2016, Subhashini Chandran, Ruth McPake, Lorenza Geronimo

Unilever Nepal, RAP3 CONNECT and Prabhu Bank have launched the 'Hamri Didi' programme to help Nepali women in the Mid and Far West of Nepal set up small businesses.

A first major step towards enhancing road safety in central Asia

07 September 2016, Lorenza Geronimo

The ‘Enhancing Road Safety for Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Member Countries’ project, funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and implemented by IMC, is expected to dramatically decrease the number of road casualties in the region.

Disaster-resilient shelters providing refuge in Bangladesh

28 June 2016, Richard Langford-Johnson

During the recent passage of Cyclone Roanu in Bangladesh, IMC-built shelters provided refuge for remote communities.

How to conduct evaluations in fragile and conflict-affected states?

23 May 2016, Jon Bennett, Private: Helen Stevenson, Sajid Chowdhury

Fragile and conflict-affected states are challenging environments for international development programming, including evaluations. Sajid Chowdhury is joined by two special guests to talk about related challenges.

35 years of opportunities to support Nepal

12 May 2016, Gavin English

Recently in Kathmandu, we celebrated 35 years of IMC Worldwide’s support of socio-economic development in Nepal, which coincides nicely with this year’s bicentennial celebration of the UK-Nepal relationship.

PODCAST: How to support business growth in the Caribbean?

28 April 2016

In this issue of the IMC podcast, we talk with colleagues Alix Landais and Daniel Idowu about how to support business growth in the Caribbean.

Not just leaking pipes. What is non-revenue Water?

11 April 2016, Malcolm Farley, Ben Walker

In this episode of the IMC Worldwide International Development Podcast, we talk to chartered engineer Malcolm Farley about the impact of non-revenue water.

How to power up start-up support in Belize?

21 March 2016, Alix Landais

Young businesses often struggle to grow in the small national markets of the Caribbean region. How can empowering business incubators lead to economic development?

Podcast: Income-generation for the poor. Is it just about money?

22 February 2016, Tim Bene, Sajid Chowdhury

In this issue of the IMC podcast, Sajid Chowdhury is joined by special guest Tim Bene to discuss design and management issues in poverty reduction programmes. Tim has reviewed or evaluated nearly 100 projects and programmes in more than 20 countries.

How can environmental sustainability thinking make disaster risk reduction better? (part 2 of 2)

09 February 2016, Jonathan Essex

In part two of this two-part series, Sustainability and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) expert Jonathan Essex explores different ways of thinking about disaster risk reduction.

How can we improve road safety in Pakistan?

27 January 2016

We recently visited Pakistan to meet government and civil society representatives to discuss opportunities for making the country's roads safer.