Environmental & social management

IMC Worldwide has been working on the modern social and environmental safeguard policies of major international financing institutions since the 1980s.

We work locally, drawing on long standing relationships in over 80 countries.

Fifty years of experience and a network of regional offices enables IMC to navigate often complex national institutional arrangements on behalf of our clients. We also have an extensive network of national delivery partners.

Today, we work with the international standards of the International Finance Corporation and World Bank Group and the safeguard and management policies of all the major multi- and bi-lateral donor agencies.

For private sector clients, the Equator Principles provide a benchmark for service delivery.

We offer a full suite of social and environment management advisory and delivery services through the project cycle, including climate change adaptation and mitigation.

We combine our experience of working locally in developing and transitional economies with the latest thinking and technical understanding in environmental and social management systems.

Furthermore, we integrate our services in these fields with innovative tools and approaches from a wide range of other disciplines in which we also offer expertise, such as natural resources management and agriculture, water and sanitation, resilient infrastructure systems, transport and planning, urban development, and green growth.

We work with clients to develop management and implementation capacity at the individual and organisational levels and work within each sphere to develop an enabling environment for change.


  • Environmental and social screening and scoping
  • Environmental and Social Impact (ESIA)
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Social assessment and community based approaches
  • Social assessment
  • Strategic environmental and social assessment
  • Environmental and social management systems
  • Resettlement planning
  • Due diligence, review and auditing
  • Sustainability appraisal and assessment
  • Climate risk profiling and resilience planning