Disaster risk reduction

Helping international financing institutions, development agencies, governments, and communities ‘build back better’.

Natural disasters caused by earthquake, flood, hurricane, drought or fire can devastate entire populations and environments. People below the poverty line are often worst-affected.

With the incidence of such disasters increasing through the continued impact of a warming climate and greenhouse gas concentration, there is a growing need for risk reduction, low-carbon economies and sustainable recovery strategies.

We have diversified from our founding specialisation in infrastructure and now have expertise in both Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and the Low-Carbon Built Environment (LCBE).

IMC’s breadth of skills and experience places us in a good position to offer the range of technical, social and environmental consultancy services that meet these DRR needs. IMC also offers expertise in the low-carbon built environment to address climate change effects through mitigation and adaptation policy and practice.


  • appropriate construction technology including the use of low-carbon alternatives
  • community-based planning
  • design, planning, construction and supervision
  • project and programme design /review
  • geographical information systems (GIS)
  • institutional development and capacity building
  • mainstreaming DRR/LCBE into investment decisions
  • rapid needs assessment
  • renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • planning and land-use strategy
  • risk and vulnerability assessment
  • social and environmental impact screening
  • technical consultancy
  • low-carbon development strategy
  • sustainable transport