Climate & sustainability

Enabling and realising the development of low-carbon and climate-resilient built environments.

IMC brings together expertise in land-use and planning, WASH and transport, energy and resource use to achieve change from new urban and sector strategies to deliver the transition to a better future.

The integration of climate change into area-based and sector-based strategies and programmes integrates the role of planning and land-use, industrial development and enterprise development, low carbon infrastructure and inclusive job creation, biodiversity and resource use,  

Climate programmes are often innovative and unique; they encompass integrated strategies and seek to overcome modern world complex problems with efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability and relevance. In addition, the knowledge base is continuously shifting as new theories and research are published. 

The evaluation of climate programmes employs multiple sources of quantitative data, qualitative narrative analysis and real-life case studies to “paint a picture” of low carbon and/or climate resilience processes in a multitude of country, regional, international or sector contexts.


  • Strategies for low carbon, inclusive and climate resilient urban development

  • Delivering low carbon built environment and sustainable infrastructure

  • Scaling up sustainable technologies, including planning and enterprise development

  • Renewable energy, cleaner technologies and energy efficiency investment with knowledge of emerging markets, PPP and climate change investment

  • Indicator development, monitoring and evaluation to track from climate targets to impacts

  • Results-based-aid and fund management

  • Technical assistance and expert advice